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Reuben Amedalor, MSc.

Personal Profile

Mr. Reuben Amedalor is a Ghanaian and currently a second-year master’s degree Photonics student at University of Eastern Finland (UEF). He hails from Ada Senior High School where he pursued General Science. He was one of the contestants of his year batch’s Science and Mathematics Quiz group in 2013. He later gained admission to study Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Ghana. He completed with a BSc. Materials Science and Engineering honor in 2017.

During his bachelor studies, he gained interest in research and later served as a Research and Teaching Assistant to his supervisor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. His hard work and strong pursuit of research earned him four research publications with the Photocatalysis and Nanocomposite research group of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of University of Ghana as an undergraduate student, spearheaded by Prof. Emmanuel Nyankson. He later gained scholarship to pursue his master’s degree in Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Photonics.

As a photonics student, he had acquired valuable theoretical knowledge and fundamental practical skills which shaped his interest in the field. Reuben has developed strong interest in photonics and optics and desiring to progress with PhD studies in this field to gain in-depth knowledge. He has currently had the opportunity to work as a master thesis student with the Nanophotonics research group at Tampere University (TAU) of the Department of Engineering and Natural Sciences, a strong research collaboration between UEF and the TAU Nanophotonics research groups. He is a nanophotonics, quantum optics/computing and integrated optics enthusiast and willing to gain adept knowledge and skills with further studies.

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