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Marian Baah, PhD

Personal Profile

My name is Marian Baah and was born on the 7th of July 1989 in the Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa. My educational journey started in the Eastern region and Ghana and to date I am studying at the University of Eastern Finland. My interest in Physics as a field of study stems from the ingenuity and hard work of my senior high school Physics tutor to whom I mentioned after one very interesting class, that I was going to pursue Physics at the University. 

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Physical science (Physics major), in 2012 from the University of Cape Coast, where I continued for a further three years working alongside researchers and Professors at the Laser and Fibre Optic Centre (LAFOC) . From there I obtained my master’s degree in Photonics in 2017 at the University of Eastern Finland. To date I am pursuing my Doctoral degree in the field of Nanoscience also at the University of Eastern Finland.

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