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Michael Amissah, MSc

Personal Profile

I am Michael Amissah, currently researching the enhancement of optical resolution in optical imaging by using the resolution advantages of ultrasound in the area of acousto-optical tomography. An obvious advantage of this method is to have tomographic images maintaining
the good contrast of optical imaging while still bearing the good resolution of ultrasound imaging.


My research encompasses the use of digital heterodyne holography, wavefront shaping as well as the use of slow light filters.
My motivation to start a journey into Photonics research started from the Department of Physics-University of Cape Coast, where I read Engineering Physics and also served as a teaching assistant upon graduation. I later pursued a United Nations sponsored programme in Satellite Communications (PgD) at the Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria. In 2015,


I received my Masters degree in Photonics from the University of Eastern Finland where I developed interest in the applications of Photonics in biological environments (Biophotonics).

I have had the opportunity of working in an industrial setting where I gathered practical
experience in micro and nano fabrication of diffractive optical elements (DOEs).

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