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Sampson Saj Andoh, PhD

Personal Profile

My name is Sampson Saj Andoh, a Ghanaian (born and bred) young Scientist and a final year Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Photonics) studies in the Institute of Photonics at the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland. I have always been fascinated with science, especially Physics, since my Senior High School years at Prempeh College in Kumasi, Ghana. 

I then went and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the Kwame Nkrumah of Science and Technology specializing in Medical Physics, where I graduated with a Second Class Upper Honours. I became more intrigued about physics and its enormous potential after my BSC degree and my motivation to pursue further education was really enhanced. This means I did not even think twice when I was offered a 2-year funded position to pursue a Master Degree program in Photonics at the Institute of Photonics in the University of Eastern Finland. The University of Eastern Finland and Finland as a whole has provided a serene, conducive and supportive environment for learning and education in my development as a young Scientist.

Currently I am working on my PhD dissertation, entitled; “Photonic solutions for food adulteration detection: quality control in edible oils and other liquid foods''. Adulteration is the addition of unauthorized food additives. In edible oils, adulteration usually takes the form of addition of inferior oils to premium oil, addition of a hue enhancer such as ”sudee” to palm oil, and many more. This work seeks to develop a simple yet effective and efficient optical tool to detect adulteration in edible oil. The tool would also have the potential for forensics, and analytical in other liquids such as blood, urine, wines and beverages. 

I have been working on different topics of optics and photonics, from the basic to the very cutting edge of its application. Currently my research areas are Experimental Physics, Integrated optics, Advanced spectroscopy and sensing, and everyday applications of Photonics.

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