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Photonics Ghana is a group of Ghanaian experts in Photonics and students pursuing Photonics related course bot at undergraduate and graduate level. We seek to create an avenue for experts and students in Photonics to connect, collaborate, and to share ideas that will lead to a positive collaboration with industry and academia with an emphasis on research collaborations with Africa. One of our core mandates is to educate and support the training that will arouse the interest of young scientist in Physics and the applications of Photonics in Ghana. The group will play a key role in promoting the use of Photonics applications in addressing the everyday challenges of our country as well as assisting in demonstrating the potential of Photonics as a driver for economic growth in Ghana and Africa at large. The group will also highlight the contribution of Ghanaians in the field of Photonics.


To position Ghana as the gateway to Africa in photonics education and application. Photonics Ghana seeks to create an avenue for experts and students in photonics to connect, collaborate, and to share ideas. It also seeks to educate and to support the training of young scientists in Ghana.



Promoting research and economic growth through photonic applications in Ghana and Africa.

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