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Sandra Sefa, MSc

Personal Profile

Sandra Sefa studied Physics at the University of Ghana and has also obtained her Master’s degree in Medical Physics from the University of Eastern Finland. She is currently a PhD candidate at Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon, Germany. She is passionate about the application of photons in healthcare specifically in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Her research is focused on the use of synchrotron radiation–based imaging in characterising the biological interactions between Magnesium–based orthopaedic implants and bone tissue concomitant with finite element modelling.

Her research is motivated by avoiding secondary surgery to remove orthopaedic implants after bone healing. In certain bone injuries it is more beneficial to use temporary rather than permanent implants. To this end, biodegradable Magnesium–based implants are good candidates.The rational is that the healing of the bone and the biodegradation of the implant occurs simultaneously thereby preventing the need for another surgery, relieving patients of additional cost and burden.

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